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Watch First

Watch First is a time management tool for consultancy agencies where work involves many clients, several parallel projects and an income based on time charged.

The service is based on the recent development of smartwatches in order to facilitate the system interaction for the consultant, making logs and memos easy to make on the fly. By utilizing machine learning the system will pick up patterns in the workflow and be able to create pregenerated timereports where all the user has to do is check that everything is in order. Logging your time shouldn’t have to be more time consuming than checking your email.

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With a combined work experience within the IT area of more than 10 years, we can help you with your custom IT-projects. Our knowledge have a wide span with everything between heavily custom interface implementations to standard database design projects. Get in touch and we'll discuss with you how our knowledge best can be applied to your company.

We can help you with
  • System integration
  • Web development
  • Machine Learning
  • Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Mobile application development
  • Time management

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Elias Gabrielsson

General Manager
+46(0) 702 632 948

Peter Malmberg

Financial Manager
+46(0) 738 011 088

Andreas Fransson

Data Engineer
+46(0) 730 226 622

Tomas Harryson

Lead Developer
+46(0) 709 369 280

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